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Sonny and the Strangers

This site is the home of Sonny Remington's band, Sonny and the Strangers. Explore our site for more info!

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A special treat

Photos from my brother, Al

Check out some of the photos from Alaska, taken by my brother, Al Remington!

I'm featuring them on the slideshow, but you can see them separately in the Photos gallery too. Thanks for sharing, Al!

Link: See the photos....

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Sonny's Photography


This site also contains photographic exhibition of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Sonny Remington's photography captures the unique spirit of rural mountain life in western North Carolina.

The Blue Ridge Mountain range of the Appalachian Mountains, primarily, run from southern Pennsylvania to northern Georgia. Notable elevations include Grandfather Mountain (approx. 5,964 ft.), Mt. Mitchell (approx. 6,684 ft.), and Clingman's Dome (approx. 6,643 ft.).

There seems to be some debate over the origin of the term "Blue" as used in the Blue Ridge Mountains. One theory suggests that the term arose from the abundance of eclogite rock formations which have a predominately blue color. These eclogites formed millions of years ago in a process known as "blueschist metamorphism."

The Blue Ridge forests include more than 158 species of trees including, mixed oak, tulip poplars, red spruce, chestnuts, fraser fir, and balsam fir. In these forests, are the most diverse number of salamander species in North America. There are approximately six species of the Desmognathus genus and twelve species of the Plethodon species. Other plants and animals found in this region include, but are not limited to, mussels, dogwood trees, bats, owls, deer, hummingbirds, and woodpeckers. There are also rare and endangered species such as some land snails and salamanders, orchids, big-eared bats, red wolves, loggerhead shrike, and red-shouldered hawks.

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